It’s no secret that rewarding your staff for their hard work or a work day out of the office for the day has its benefits.

Team ideas:
Your team deserves rewards for their hard work. We thought we would give you a great gift idea you can do as a group outside of the office. HYDRATION!!! Bring your team for a day out of the office and do something fun and good for their overall health and wellness. Doing fun things outside of work is always a good idea! Why? Giving your team something to look forward to is a great way to boost their morale but also boosts their work ethic; they will feel appreciated. Your team will be filled with confidence that you really care about them, not to mention having hydration will show you are concerned about their health and wellbeing.

Here’s another thought. Let us help you break down those desks and cubicles and traditional office workspaces and have a team meeting or work party here at Hydration Happens. We can provide each team member with an IV hydration drip filled with vitamins and antioxidants that will not only hydrate, but improve mental clarity, focus, boosts your immunity, supports organ function, supports skin, hair and nails, and improves your overall general wellbeing. Providing this service for your employees shows you care, and in return less sick time away from work and stronger productivity… BONUS!! And you can bet that new surroundings are a great way to spark inspiration and creativeness because they challenge your team to think outside the box. Being outside the office will relax your team, encouraging them to share more and connect. We are certain you’ll see a difference in their work and they will feel the difference just from being hydrated and getting out of the office.


You are part of…
– a moms group
– a school faculty
– a coaching team
– employees in a shopping mall or grocery store
– a group of doctors and nurses
– teaching physical fitness to your clients or a martial art
– a church staff
– running a daycare

The list goes on and on. What each of you have in common is that you work hard, you are around others and you deserve to take a moment that betters yourself.
There are IV drips that help with immunity, stress, low energy, brain fog and much more. 

Bring your employees, co-employees, clients, students, and staff so you all feel like a better version of yourself when you leave.

Investing in your health is always a smart choice!!

Get creative and give us a call 530.520.7960 or email us to discuss a group hydration plan that will serve you best! We’d love to hear from you.